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Swing-Lo's suspended scaffolding is faster, safer & more economical.

A Heritage of innovation

The invention and introduction of Swing-Lo Suspended Scaffolds stemmed from the old adage, "necessity is the mother of invention". That was the motivation behind the invention of Swing-Lo Suspended Scaffolds by H. George Leonard, a painting contractor whose bid was below his competitors. The idea was derived from the old ice tong and a pair of scissors. The combination of both items provided him with a model that would scissor and grip the bottom flanges of I-beams on bridges. This model, along with a connecting hanger component produced a simple suspended scaffold that could be easily erected and dismantled. The application and performance of this scaffold was well received, and soon became a demand by bridge and painting contractors. Thus, the painter became the manufacturer of a particular type of scaffold whose market has expanded from local to national to international.

Constant improvements in the design and fabrication of Swing-Lo Suspended Scaffolds have served to provide a safer, more efficient and economical scaffolding system for highway and utility contractors when access to work areas are a problem. Swing-Lo Suspended Scaffolds are patented with built-in, quick locking devices and fasteners for instant assembly. They have lessened the risks to the worker, lowered the cost, and increased safety in modern bridge and power plant construction and maintenance.

Today, Swing-Lo is a recognized designer and manufacturer of Suspended Scaffolding. We use the latest Computer-Aided (CAD) software to provide safe, quality solutions within budget and on-time delivery. Used by contractors and DOTs throughout the world, all Swing-Lo Systems meet or exceed OSHA safety standards and are fully supported by our technical consultants.