Ideal fit for permanent scaffold needs

cableHere is all your crew has to do to install Swing-Lo Cable Scaffold:

  • Anchor the cables. Select a suitable spot that is structurally sound and able to withstand the "pull" tension exerted when tightening the cables. You can often connect the eyebolt cable anchors to the bridge or facility beam flanges, columns, girders or walls.
  • String the cables between the anchors. Keep the cable straight. Tighten the cable using a winch or ratchet binder. Sag clamps, double-barrel anchors and "U" cradles help reduce sag.
  • Attach frame or stem-truss hanger over cable.
  • Add stage. Then lock into place.
  • Install guardrails, static lines and toeboards. Your crew is safe to start working.

Move scaffold easily.

Once the scaffold is suspended, one worker can easily move it along the cable, set the brake and lock it into position – without leaving the deck.

Enlarge your working deck to meet your job needs.

You can increase the size of your deck surface by using a longer truss suspended on cable hanger roller brackets. Talk with our technology team about size options.