Inspect and maintain railroad bridges safely

railroadThe Railroad Scaffold System clamps to girder, timber guardrail and concrete rail bridges and suspends the working deck right where your crew needs to be to get the job done. Rollers make it easy to move the scaffold along the bridge rail. Want to have your crew work simultaneously on both sides and underneath the railroad bridge? The Railroad Wrap-Around Scaffold gives you that flexibility.

If the timber bridge you are working on has unprotected areas, our technology team has engineered Sure-Grip Clamps and static line posts that meet or exceed OSHA standards for keeping your crew safe on the job. To keep your crew moving easily along the length of A, AA and generic railroad bridges, you can use the Railroad Mobile Cart Scaffold. When your job is to inspect or maintain elevated rail lines, the Elevated Rail Scaffold gets your crew safely up to where the work is. And if you have a railroad application we haven't solved before, contact our technology team for a custom design.