Put your crew inside/outside the storage tank

tankWe have had more phone calls recently from maintenance supervisors who have been searching for weeks, months, some for years, to find an affordable scaffold solution for working on large storage tanks. When we tell them how easy and cost-effective it is to use the Swing-Lo Tank Scaffold system, they cannot believe what they are hearing. This truly is the solution they have been seeking.

Here is how the Swing-Lo Tank Scaffold works.

This highly engineered product is designed for simplicity.

  • Start at the top. Weld clips to the inside or outside the tank surface (or both).
  • Attach stage brackets with locking clips. Add the staging.
  • Add guardrail posts. Cable guardrails thread through welded-on rings.
  • Need to reach the outside or inside of large storage tanks? Talk to us.

Our problem-solving technology team has worked with companies like yours that need to get their crews up where the work needs to be done. Contact us today and we'll get started on your solution.