Sure-Grip Clamps and Static Line Posts

Your crew’s safety is number one. Here’s how to keep them safe on unprotected areas of timber-constructed railroad bridges.

Building, inspecting or repairing timber-constructed railroad bridges that have no girders or rails is dangerous work. There is nothing on the structure to prevent members of your crew from falling into the water, rugged terrain or roads below. So Swing-Lo’s technology team has created a Static Line Post System that provides your crew with a cable for attaching fall protection equipment.

To assemble, your crew anchors and screw locks specially designed Sure-Grip or Cross Tie Channel Clamps to the bridge’s cross ties or rails. Workers then install a 48-inch long, telescoping static line post into the clamped base (two posts are required for a 50-foot area). They run a cable through the post and anchor it to the clevis on one side of the base. Next they use a ratchet binder to tighten the cable. Your work site now has a strong cable where your crew can attach its fall protection equipment before working on the bridge or suspended bridge platforms.